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Our full FSC brushes are made of German cow hair, and Ilthis (polecat)) hair and have a birch wooden handle. The wood is obtained from responsible and controlled forestry in Germany and the Baltic States. The wax used to impregnate the wood is entirely from natural ingredients. The big advantage of this “coating” is that water and paint do not adversely affect the handle and damage it. The handle has a nice natural “look” and feels somewhat rougher than if it was lacquered. This improves the grip. The bristles are soft, flexible and retain their shape, have a high uptake capacity and are ideally suited for all techniques of watercolour painting. If these quality brushes are used, cleaned and stored properly, they last for years without loss of hair and/or form. Do not use synthetic and chemical products when painting or cleaning. Just rinse under the tap with lukewarm (not hot) water. It is most important to let the brush hang to dry, with the bristles down. In this way, you give the water time to drain out of the brush so that the glue is not dissolved in the ferrule, which attaches the hair to the handle.

Proven Waldorf quality

• Soft cow hair bristle

• Flat bristle head for optimal ink acceptance and rich colour application

• Equipped with a sturdy handle, and offered in shorter sizes for Kindergartens

• Bristle heads vary in many thicknesses

• Ideal for the watercolour techniques

• Dimensionally stable

• Durable and robust

Natural Bristle Paintbrushes

The brush is the painter’s most important tool. We offer the finest, natural bristle paintbrushes for every artistic need. Polecat tail hairs make perfect watercolour brushes, boar bristle is used for robust brushes, and cow hair is used for quality school brushes. The Kindergarten brushes have shorter handles and the classic Waldorf brushes have natural waxed handles with soft cows hair bristles.

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