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Karl - Shubert Workshops

Anthroposophical social therapy

The Karl-Shubert workshops, are socio-therapeutic communities based on the visions of Rudolf Steiner.

While working with people who need care, a holistic picture of mankind, social participation including artistic and therapeutic elements form the essential objectives. 

New experiences and new insights can always be gained while dealing with illness and disability. The spiritual essence of the man remains intact and only the corporeality is deficiently formed, Thus, the soul cannot evolve in the right manner. The individuality has eternal character. It reflects in the individual from the womb to the life and continues beyond death. Past, present and future are akin to a river whose image can act as an inspiration to offer help and provide healing to the victims of fate. 

In their life and through their work, the person in need of care seeks to accomplish and overcome his destiny. It happens in a form that is suitable to him and which is in sync with the possibilities he has. 

The world is changed and transformed by work. Self made products and services, industrial wage jobs and individual work offer range of practice and learning. Material, shape and colour, hand or machine work at individual or group workplaces provide a personal career. Many valuable social and therapeutic moments are generated through such diversity. The disability disappears into background through responsibility, self reliance, joy and pride. 

The Workshops

Karl Shubert workshops consists of 260 such authorised socio-therapeutic communities. They manufacture their own products, do contract work and also work in the services sector for making various aspects of these forms of work fruitful. 

The cared employees experience the entire sequence of production of these self-made products, from their manufacturing to their distribution. 

Contract work contributes important additional working moments in the workshops and through collaboration with the industry; the employees are able to experience a productive economic experience. 

Services enable a direct contract with the customer as they require special attention and responding to special customer requests. 

Various materials such as wood, clay, beeswax, metal or bread dough etc speak through their different potentials and their unique souls. Their wide range of different workshop groups is these making it possible to respond to different individual individual needs of employees in need of care. 

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