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Main lesson & Exercise books

Main Lesson Books and other Books

Our years of experience in developing and producing lesson books for school education has led to an extensive range of high quality lesson books. You will find main lesson books, exercise books and practice books, as well as books for geography, music, drawing, spelling and astronomy. We strive for the best materials and workmanship available. For example, our lesson books are made with paper that is 120 gsm and is chlorine free. They are very durable with heavy card stock covers with a leather impression and nice rounded corners. We offer books that are lined or unlined, with grids and with or without onion skin dividers.

Thanks to our many contacts with Waldorf schools, institutes and many teachers, we get many new product ideas. We closely cooperate with various workshops that provide not only their production contribution but also product ideas. So, for example, it is possible to produce special requests, at a reasonable price, non-standard requirements in smaller quantities. Ask us about the possibilities.

Mercurius Lesson Books

  • are tailored to the individual subjects and grade level, such as music books for the lower classes, or mid-level lesson books

  • have an pedagogical concept: for example wide bars for music notes and guides to learn handwriting

  • special versions for subjects with specific needs such as Astronomy, Geography, Music

  • available in different sizes and styles, from inexpensive and practical to higher quality books

Mercurius Lesson Books are designed with:

  • high quality, mostly 120 g chlorine-free paper

  • with or without onion skin dividers to protect the drawings

  • covers made of 280 g. coloured cardstock with leather impression

  • spiral binding or staples

  • round corners

  • blank, lined or graph pages

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