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Mercurius International

Mercurius is the leading provider of supplies to Waldorf Schools, kindergartens and other Waldorf Inspired initiatives. Over their 25+ years of serving educators around the world, they have developed a unique selection of products specially tailored to the needs of Waldorf schools and teachers. Their product line has increasingly found use in other interantional, alternative and Montessorri schoolings systems, as well, as the special qualities and the pedagogical value they offer have become widely known. 


Since from the time of its inception by their founder Cor van Emple, who recently retired, Mercurius has developed an unmatched degree of knowledge and expertise. While they are proud of their history, they eagerly embrace the future, working everyday with their customers to find ways to tailor their offerings to their changing needs.

They have since their inception remained steadfast in their commitment to schools, teachers and students to offer only quality, safe products that meet all applicable standards at affordable prices.

Inclusion & collaboration
Organisational Structure

Social inclusion and mutually-beneficial collaboration are fundamental principles at Mercurius. Accordingly, they strive to source products and services from organizations that employ people with disabilities, as well as from other vendors whose social and environmental principles align with ours. The often unique, hand-crafted character and high quality of their products, along with the deligence and integrity apparent in their services, provide tangible benefit to our customers while achieving our other shared goals. 


Mercurius collaborates closely with their vendors to ensure that the various needs of all parties are met, with a view toward creating long-term relationships that are mutually benficial. Their business and support makes a real diference for these organizations, the people with and without disabilities they employ, and, ultimately, for their customers who can be assured that Mercurius' social principles are actively implemented in the process of providing them the products they need.

Mercurius is wholly-owned by the Neuguss Foundation, based in Berlin, Germany. Neuguss was created by Alfred Rexroth, a German entrepreneur, to own and operate businesses for community benefit. 


Neuguss does this by ensuring that its businesses pursue strategies described by Rexroth as "balanced between business goals, the interest of employees, and the welfare of the general public." This unique ownership structure and guiding philosophy means that Mercurius is fundamentally comitted to values shared with our customers, bringing us closer in our daily work, and enabling a level of collaboration not often found in business relatioships. That was Alfred Rexroth's vision, and Mercurius today is proof of its viability.

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