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© 2023 by AINDRIYAA. Proudly created by Nirmitii


The word Aindriyaa in Sanskrit means, "To Nurture the senses". 


This is what we do at Aindriyaa - At Aindriyaa, we focus on bringing you an unique range of high quality art and school supplies.

Many of our products are made in Europe and are manufactured from sustainably sourced wood. The quality and the sustainability of our products speak for themselves. 

It is not just the mere manufacturing process that matters but the passion and the intent of the person who makes the product too makes an impact on its creation. This strengthens our belief in sustainability rather than a consumeristic approach. This enables us to select our products to be as close to nature as possible, while still retaining a consciousness around quality, usability and functionality.


Our products range is inspired by Steiner/Waldorf Schools & Kindergartens, Montessori Schools, Alternative & International Schools that work with age appropriate learning through imaginative and creative play in a nurturing environment.​

Aindriyaa is the first and sole India Partner to Mercurius International since October 2012. Aindriyaa is owned and run by Sivakumar Ganesamurthy and Pavithra Raghunathan.


What began in the summer of 2011, during the Asian Waldorf Teachers Conference, Hyderabad as a dialogue between Sivakumar, Peter Peichotta, (the then Managing Director Stockmar in Kaltenkirchen) and Jonathan Klugman (the then Managing Director of Mercurius Australia) became a reality at the partner meeting of Mercurius B.V, in late  2012. 


We at Aindriyaa are proud to be a part of Mercurius International that was founded over 25 years ago by Cor Van Emple. Since then Mercurius has developed an unmatched range of products that serve the needs of Waldorf Schools & Kindergartens, Montessori schools and Therapuetic Institutions. It includes products for painting, modelling, writing, drawing, music, handicrafts, toys and much more.

In addition to this, we at Aindriyaa also source high-quality, non-toxic, natural and hand-made art & craft supplies, toys and more from small family owned businesses across India & the World.

Mercurius International through its epicentre in Eindhoven connects us with the many manufactures and simultaneously with the many of its partners across the globe and through them to the many educational institutions and other art institutes that serve in nurturing a childs creative skills as well in the development of the senses of the growing child.