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Ruitertassen Bags

Leather School Bags by Ruitertassen

The brand Ruitertassen is a classic with over 80 years of history to its name. The highest standards in material and craftsmanship have well and truly proven their worth to this day, these bags remain the Epitome of timeless design and excellent quality. Ruitertassen, a long-standing business, uses premium Belgian cowhide leather that is caringly tanned. This preserves the leather's natural softness, while still keeping its strength and durability. Over the years, each bag takes on its very own unique and personal charm; sunlight, air and use creating a distinctive leather patina. You won't want to be parted from your Ruitertas!

Manufactured by Ruitertassen for Mercurius: Large leather schoolbags with 'art makes sense' branding.

Great for file folders and laptops! Our leather bags are available with 2 or 3 compartments plus a padded laptop compartment, suitable for a 15-inch-laptop. The 2-compartment-bag is suited for two regular size folders while the 3-compartment-bag can hold an additional big folder.

All bags have an adjustable shoulder strap, a carrier handle with a fortified holder and on the inside, small elastic textile compartments for pens, cards and other supplies. In between the folder compartments is a thin zipped document compartment. The bags come in Natural Leather Colour or Ranger Style.

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