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Stockmar - An Extraordinary German Manufacturer

This webshop contains many items produced by Stockmar, including their well-known wax crayons with beeswax and water colour paints. You’ll also find their modeling beeswax, and other unique and novel products, all made with the same extraordinary quality and tradition.

The Hans Stockmar Company was founded in northern Germany in 1922, and initially offered beekeeping supplies and candles. Over time, and in cooperation with Waldorf school art teachers, the company developed many other products, notably including modelling beeswax, wax crayons, water colour paints, and decorative wax sheets.

Eventually, Stockmar products became known around the world for their uncompromised quality and production in adherence to high pedagogical, artistic, social, and environmental standards. Moreover, they are regularly subjected to testing by independent laboratories in Germany to insure their safety and purity.

Stockmar - Nurturing the Senses

The heart of Stockmar’s product development is based on the sensory development of the child as understood by Rudolf Steiner. To Mercurius, this is of upmost importance, as these days the primary sensory experience is becoming less essential.

Stockmar products have a positive influence on the child’s development of the senses


• Harmonious colours act on the sense of sight
• The beeswax scent of modelling wax and crayons nourish the sense of smell
• The pleasant texture and form of the material helps to develop the sense of touch
• Form drawing helps to develop the sense of movement
• Modelling beeswax creates the sense of warmth
• The transparency of the colours appeal to the meaning of life
• The gradient of colour is effective for the sense of balance

The Stockmar Colour Harmony

• Based on the extended version of Goethe’s “Theory of Colours”
• Pleases the eyes and other senses
• Pleasant and natural colours
• All colours are intermixable
• Relates harmoniously to each other
• Applies to all Stockmar products

The colour scheme, based on Goethe’s colour circle, is consistent throughout the entire Stockmar assortment. It is important that almost all of Stockmar’s art and artistic products are available in this wide range of colours. Also, the individual colours, of those products match, for example, the carmine colour of the pencils and wax crayons, are the same carmine as the watercolours, the modelling beeswax and the decorating wax. Therefore the mixing techniques, such as crayons along with watercolours, are very harmonious. This specific choice of colours, the mutual harmony of the individual colours, and excellent mixing capabilities, we refer to as the Stockmar Colour Harmony.

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