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Auris & Debresk

Auris and Debresk are cooperatives in Järna, Sweden that provide living and work opportunities for people with disabilities.


Auris has worked with musicians, music teachers, and music therapists for over 30 years to develop innovative instruments, principally for children.

The instruments produce an ideal tone by creating harmony between the hands, eyes, and ears. The ear-like shape of their children’s lyres and harps, as well as the round form of their stir drums, are specifically designed to resonate with children. Mercurius offers Auris’ children’s lyres, overtone flutes, a child’s pentatonic harp, glockenspiels, and stir drums.


At Debresk, craftspeople with and without disabilities work together to produce the “Debresk” line of wooden toys. A broad selection of these products, known for their quality design and durability, and ranging from vehicles to doll furniture, is offered here in our catalog.

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