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Watercolour Painting using Stockmar Watercolour Paints

Wet-on-wet painting in Waldorf education

Wet on wet painting is a technique of using watercolours practised in Waldorf school right from the kindergarten through the grades. In this method of painting wet colours are applied over wet paper, allowing the colours to flow freely and blend. This allows the children to remain in the soul mood of the colours than getting into forms. Here the forms arise out the colour allowing the child to breathe out as they paint and observe the flow of colours on the paper. This is a wonderful method that calms and relaxes the young and old alike. 

Initially in the early years, one or two colours are given at a time, to the young child to help them understand how colours arise out of these blending, This is then followed by offering the three primary colours of yellow, blue and red, presenting an opportunity to the youngling to experience the complete colour circle. The Stockmar Colour Circle Colours serves as the right choice for this activity. Neither warm nor cool, these are perfectly suitable for the first introductions to colours in the early childhood. 

As the child's soul mood develop and matures the full range of colour tones can be introduced to them. 

You can know more about the brand Stockmar here. 

Here are some basic tutorials that for using the Stockmar Watercolours.

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