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Filges Bioland


"No illegal action remains without consequences. No natural principle can be violated unpunished, Do not eliminate natural order without danger to yourself itself. The classification of man in the orders of Creation is an indispensable condition for being Life."

Dr. HP Rush

Bioland is the leading association for organic farming in Germany. About 7300 farmers, gardeners, beekeepers and winegrowers produce according to the Bioland standards. In addition more than 1000 processors such as bakeries, dairies, butchers, restaurants and traders are also Bioland partners. Together they share common values that benefit people and environment.

For over 45 years Bioland members have developed an ecologically, economically and socially sound alternative to the intensive conventional farming system that depends on industry and outside investors. The aim of the daily work of farmers is the sustainable production of high quality and healthy food. 

Working in balance with nature, supporting biodiversity and protecting our environment and climate will secure our livelihoods and a diverse cultural landscape. Organic farming means taking responsibility for the future.


Bioland bears social responsibility by establishing sustainable jobs and maintaining a living culture in the country. This is accomplished by fair partnerships between farmers, manufacturers and retailers. 

Fairer prices in these partnerships provide the economic basis for the sustainable development of independent farms and make organic farming an attractive profession for young people. Bioland constantly enhances the system of organic farming and thus the sustainability of agriculture as a whole. 

Bioland is a registered association (in German "eingetragener Verein") and is a democratic grass roots organisation founded 1971. In representing the interest of its members and partners Bioland promotes societal values and is engaged in the next steps for the way forward. 

The seven core values of Bioland are:

The task of organic-biological cultivation is:

◗ The natural foundations of soil, water and to maintain air.

◗  Food with high health value - to produce.

◗ To carry out active nature and species conservation.

◗ Avoid environmental pollution.

◗ Keep livestock species appropriate.

◗ To contribute to the solution of the worldwide energy and raw material problems.

◗ The basis for the conservation and development of free to create peasant structures.


Filges began as a small family run business in 1985 with just a small hand- spinning mill. Later plant dyeing was also added to their business. The principles that govern Filgesis the same as those of personal lives of the family that began it. It is apply to  their operations, and their products: they believe in the use and manufacture sustainable, environmentally friendly, pollutant-free and environmentally responsible products. Since 1995, Filges is a certified organic farm for sheep wool, since 2015 a member of the IVN. Their wool comes exclusively from sheep reared from controlled organic animal husbandry from Germany. The coloring agents are vegetable, the mordants alum and tartar. 

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